Persatuan Pengusaha Kayu Kayan dan
Perabot Bumiputra Malaysia

(Association of Malaysia Bumiputra Timber
& Furniture Entrepreneurs)

CTCS Programme Overview

  • CTCS is a programme aimed at creating job and contract opportunities in the Malaysian building industry for SMls and SMEs encompassing mostly timber and timber products 
  • Value added products and services at no extra cost to clients
  • Programme is fully supported by Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities(MPIC), Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB) and Malaysian Timber Council (MTC)

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  • To promote Certified Timber and Timber Products in Development Projects
    • Promoting it through recognized marking to build consumer confidence in timber products especially those supplied by SMEs 
  • To deliver Quality Products to Clients and End Users 
    • Providing timber and timber products with right specifications for its intended use and application 
  • To establish list of credible suppliers